Our history

Lanjatrans Grupo Logístico

Lanjatrans Grupo Logístico is comprised of Lanjatrans S L and Lanjatrans Oil S L, with over 65 years’ experience in overland transport and logistics.

Lanjatrans began in a small town in Granada’s Alpujarra region: Lanjarón. There, in 1947, José Mingorance began working as a lorry driver at the age of 18.

It was a tough beginning during hard times on precarious roads. Little by little, his seriousness and tenacity led him to become the haulier for Aguas de Lanjarón. In 1968, he founded his first company, Lanjatrans, which gradually became what it is today: a Group with over 200 direct employees and an additional 150 indirect workers.

A fleet of over 180 lorries and 220 trailers owned, 25 million kilometres in the past year. A reference in the transport sector.

Today, José is enjoying a well-deserved retirement, and now his son, Antonio Mingorance Gutiérrez, is in charge of the Group, with the third generation already on the job.


Today, Lanjatrans is an operator specialising in national and international overland transport.

It also provides storage and distribution services nationally, and, although it was created with a focus on food, today it serves many other sectors.


Our client portfolio includes over 2,500 Spanish and European companies, many of them leading international groups in their sector, traded on the top financial markets and with the highest standards of quality and demand.

Our clients are distributed over a wide variety of sectors, primarily food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, steel, paper and raw materials.

Lanjatrans is certified in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.


Throughout its history, the company has promoted and adopted value-added services oriented towards the needs of the clients, guaranteeing a quality, tailored service.

To this, it makes constant investments that enable it to improve its efficiency. To do so, it owns over 180 lorries, with a hundred more self-employed drivers and collaborating companies, of which 90% comply with the Euro 5 standard, and a significant number of trailers include the SDR fuel conservation system.

Likewise, it has integrated a GPS location system in all its units, as well as a number of computer tools specific to the sector.


We are a company dedicated from the beginning to transport, and we are proud of having built it through hard work, just like the founding lorry driver: Mr José Mingorance.

Over time, we have become an organisation of experts in logistics and overland transport with over 65 years’ experience.

We are fully knowledgeable of our sector, and we have a team of professionals, a blend of young people and veterans, who know how to serve you, who understand your needs and concerns, and who generate value for you.


The company is aware of today’s complex economic situation, especially in the overland freight transport sector. However, entrepreneurial spirit has led it to make new investments to maintain its competitiveness on the market.

To that end, in December 2009, it opened a new 10,000 sq. m logistics platform, with capacity for 22,000 pallets. It has an excellent strategic location at the intersection of the A92 and A44 motorways, with both side and rear loading docks, a specific picking area, a sanitary registry and latest-generation electrical machinery.

With initiatives such as this one, Lanjatrans clearly reinforces its position in comprehensive logistics.

Our lorries through the years

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An emporium built from the ground up

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